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Roxy Theatre

Photo from the RC Wolfe collection
2004 Main St
Northampton PA 18067
(610) 262-7699

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Record #6942  
 Opened: February 1, 1921
Capacity: 557 seats
Architect(s): ER Bitting; David Supowitz
Architectural Style(s):
National Register:
Current Organ: 2/6 Wurlitzer
 Also Known As: Lyric

Information for this tour was contributed by RC Wolfe.

This theater opened in 1921 and was called the Lyric at that time. The architect was E.R. Bitting. The theatre was not Art Deco at that time. It was sold and totally redone during the summer of 1933. It was then that it received the Art Deco treatment by architect David Supowitz. It was reopened as the Roxy on August 31st, 1933. Everything that you see today is from that 1933 redo. That is when the present marquee was errected as well. It is the original one as the Lyric never had a marquee.

The seating capacity for the Lyric was listed as 1,000, but I doubt it. In 1933 it reopened as the Roxy with 650 seats. Today (2003) it has 557. It's current use is that of a motion picture and stage theatre. The theater presents 15 to 20 live events every year. Movies are shown every other day of the year.

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2003 photos from the Justin West collection.

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1997 photos from the RC Wolfe collection.

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December 1992 photos from the John Lewis collection.

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December 1991 photos from the John Lewis collection.

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October 1991 photos from the John Lewis collection.

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