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Avon Cinema

2003 Photo from the Scott Norwood collection.
260 Thayer St
Providence RI 02906
(401) 421-AVON

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Record #423  
 Opened: 1915
Capacity: 528 seats
Architectural Style(s): Art Deco
National Register:
Current Organ: none
 Also Known As: Toy Theatre

Information for this tour was contributed by Paul Carpender.

The Avon Cinema is owned by Kenny Dulgarian and managed by his brother Richard. It has been in the family since it was built in 1938. It is located on the “east side” of Providence right in the middle of the Brown University campus. In the mid 1980’s they briefly closed the theatre and restored it in the hopes of preserving the ambience of what the movie going experience was like before the days of the multi- and mega-plexes.

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July 2006 photos from the Adam Martin collection.

113 KB · 625x417

102 KB · 625x417

106 KB · 417x625

80 KB · 417x625

95 KB · 417x625

100 KB · 625x417

84 KB · 417x625

99 KB · 625x417

73 KB · 625x417

67 KB · 625x417

71 KB · 625x417

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80 KB · 625x417

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93 KB · 417x625

91 KB · 625x417

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82 KB · 625x417

81 KB · 625x417

2003 photos from the Scott Norwood collection.

71 KB · 395x625

76 KB · 625x423
Equipment consists o...

70 KB · 625x419
Reverse shot of the ...

55 KB · 402x625
Inside of the Enarc ...

85 KB · 417x625
Unusual film path th...

77 KB · 405x625
Close-up of the soun...

88 KB · 625x412
Handcrank rewind ben...

64 KB · 625x425
Motorized rewind ben...

57 KB · 625x425
Close up of the swit...

82 KB · 625x422
MARC 300 16mm projec...

49 KB · 625x404
Check out those shor...

72 KB · 625x418

Photos from the Richard Dulgarian collection.

48 KB · 368x625
Marquee and front du...

44 KB · 625x419
Marquee and front at...

50 KB · 511x625
Lobby clock. It was ...

55 KB · 625x413
Snack Bar.

50 KB · 625x413
Doors to auditorium.

38 KB · 625x419
Auditorium from rear...

36 KB · 625x416
Right side of house ...

38 KB · 625x414
Left side of house t...


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