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Continental 10

2008 Photo from the Adam Martin collection.
3635 S Monaco Pkwy
Denver CO 80237

Record #2838  
 Opened: January 26, 1966
 Closed: April 13, 2023
 Current Use:
Architectural Style(s):
National Register:
Current Organ: none
 Also Known As:
 Previously operated by: Barton Theaters, Commonwealth Theatres, United Artists Theatres, Regal Entertainment Group

Information for this tour was contributed by Kevin Dennis.

The only Continental Theater left of the three built in the 1960s, Denver's Continental, with its 800+ seats in a giant auditorium, has been a favorite destination for moviegoers from all over the city since its opening. But single screen theaters, no matter how popular, were not part of United Artists Theatres' business model in the mid-1990s. Usually, that meant slicing the big rooms into smaller theaters, but in the case of the Continental, a new plan was pursued. The retail establishments on the entire lot would be razed and new ones built, and the theater would be expanded -- the main auditorium becoming the largest room while five other rooms, ranging in size from 400 seats to 150, would be added. Thus the Continental became the rare older theater that became part of a multiplex while preserving its original dimensions.

The new Continental re-opened in June 1996 and was an immediate success. So successful in fact, that it was expanded again in 2008 by the architectural firm of Stotser & Associates. Regal Cinemas took over UA a few years ago, and recently added four more screens to what is now known as the Regal Cinemas 10. Besides adding new rooms, Regal also renovated the former Continental auditorium, installing stadium seating in that massive room.

While little traces of the original Continental now exist, it's good to know that this was one theater, built during the last days of single-screen venues, that has evolved and survived.

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October 2008 photos from the Adam Martin collection.

71 KB · 625x418

70 KB · 625x418

67 KB · 625x418

May 2008 photos from the Larry Karstens collection.

63 KB · 625x417

59 KB · 625x417

64 KB · 625x417

48 KB · 625x417

74 KB · 625x417

54 KB · 625x417

51 KB · 625x417

78 KB · 417x625

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78 KB · 556x625

64 KB · 625x417

May 2008 photos from the Matt Lutthans collection.

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70 KB · 625x422

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66 KB · 625x422

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June 2006 photos from the Scott Neff collection.

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February 2001 photos from the Matt Lutthans collection.

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62 KB · 625x414
A view of the courty...

55 KB · 625x417

67 KB · 625x431
The booth for the or...

70 KB · 625x419
The booth for the or...

June 1996 photos from the Kevin Dennis collection.

70 KB · 625x400
The new Continental ...

May 1996 photos from the Kevin Dennis collection.

86 KB · 625x414
The exterior of the ...

86 KB · 625x415
Parts for the new HV...

April 1996 photos from the Kevin Dennis collection.

79 KB · 625x420
The exterior lines o...

78 KB · 625x425
The marquee heralds ...

90 KB · 625x416
An April 1996 view f...

March 1996 photos from the Kevin Dennis collection.

82 KB · 428x625
A view of what will ...

60 KB · 625x379
The old Continental ...

January 1996 photos from the Kevin Dennis collection.

72 KB · 625x394
The Continental'...

78 KB · 625x410
The old lobby is gut...

November 1995 photos from the Kevin Dennis collection.

53 KB · 625x318
The original Contine...

62 KB · 625x373
The final movie, Nov...

Photos from the Scott Neff collection.

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