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Sugarhouse Movies 10

2002 Photo from the Scott Neff collection.
Cinemark Theatres
2227 Highland Dr
Salt Lake City UT 84106
(801) 466-3797

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Record #1591  
 Opened: March 27, 1992
Architectural Style(s):
National Register:
Current Organ: none
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Information for this tour was contributed by Grant Smith.

The Cinemark Movies 10 opened in the new Sugar House Shopping Center on 27 March 1992. The 10-screen multiplex features stereo sound in all auditoriums, which range in size from 160 to 298 seats. The largest theater, #6, is equipped for Dolby Digital and was formerly THX-certified.

Cinemark built the Movies 10 as a second-run or "dollar" house, hoping to fill the niche between first-run movies and home video. "People are going to go see the three or four big movies of the year, the 'Batmans' for example," said Lynn Norton, Cinemark's director of marketing. "We are trying to get them back in the habit of seeing movies in theaters regularly. Families are getting priced out. Parents with four or five children have quit going to the movies." (1)

The theater was built inside an existing building, but the only indication of this is the north outside wall on the back side of the theater. Two auditoriums and the rest rooms were built in an addition on the east side of the building.

1. "Dollar Complex Makes Cinemark New Utah Leader in Movie Screens", Salt Lake Tribune, 27 March 1992

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November 2004 photos from the Grant Smith collection.

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May 2004 photos from the Grant Smith collection.

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March 2004 photos from the Grant Smith collection.

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January 2004 photos from the Scott Neff collection.

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April 2002 photos from the Scott Neff collection.

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