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Cine 6

2002 Photo from the Scott Neff collection
4701 S Staples St
Corpus Christi TX

Record #4727  
 Opened: 1968
 Closed: 2001
 Current Use:
Architectural Style(s):
National Register:
Current Organ: none
 Also Known As: Duex Cine, Cine 4
 Previously operated by: United Artists Theatres

Information for this tour was contributed by Todd Parr.

The Cine 6 opened on April 25, 1968 as the Duex Cine. In 1972, two auditoriums were added to the front of the building and the name was changed to Cine 4. In 1978, two more auditoriums were added to the side of the lobby and auditorium #2 and the the named was changed again to Cine 6. At some time in 1980-1982 period, there were plans on the drawing board to add 4 more screens and make this Cine 10, but parking and the inability to purchase the open field directly behind the theatre from the Padre Staples Mall led to the city not allowing any more expansion on site due to parking limitations. The Cine 6 closed on August 2, 2001.

 Photos remain the property of the Member and may not be reproduced without the written consent of the Member.

September 2003 photos from the Adam Martin collection.

39 KB · 450x300

48 KB · 450x300

43 KB · 450x300

51 KB · 450x300

33 KB · 450x300

2002 photos from the Scott Neff collection.

17 KB · 450x186

16 KB · 450x183

16 KB · 450x178

2001 photos from the William T. Parr collection.

40 KB · 450x299
Lobby as viewed from...

32 KB · 450x297
Auditorium 1 as view...

29 KB · 450x298
Auditorium 1 as view...

27 KB · 450x299
Auditorium 2 as view...

25 KB · 450x299
Auditorium 2 as view...

29 KB · 450x301
Lobby as viewed from...

23 KB · 450x299
Auditorium 3 as view...

31 KB · 450x300
Auditorium 3 as view...

23 KB · 450x301
Auditorium 4 as view...

33 KB · 450x299
Lobby as viewed from...

30 KB · 450x299
Auditorium 5 as view...

29 KB · 450x299
Auditorium 5 as view...

26 KB · 450x301
Auditorium 6 as view...

28 KB · 450x301
Auditorium 6 as view...

35 KB · 301x450
Booth 1 with a Chrit...

41 KB · 302x450
Close up of the Boot...

36 KB · 302x450
Sound rack for Booth...

35 KB · 450x297
Booth 2 with the sam...

38 KB · 450x297
An overall shot of b...

21 KB · 450x299
Automation in booth ...

16 KB · 300x450
Hallway that leads t...

22 KB · 299x450
Booth 3 & 4 as v...

28 KB · 297x450
Close up shot of Num...

26 KB · 300x450
Close up of projecto...

28 KB · 450x299
Sound System for Aud...

34 KB · 450x299
Booth 5 & 6. Pro...

32 KB · 301x450
Close up of projecto...

34 KB · 299x450
Sound rack for Audit...

29 KB · 302x450
Projector 6 threaded...

22 KB · 301x450
Sound system for The...

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