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Texas Theatre

2013 Photo from the Adam Martin collection
229-31 W Jefferson Blvd
Dallas TX

Visit Website Live Theatre National Register 2003
Record #13999  
 Opened: April 21, 1931
Architect(s): W Scott Dunne
Architectural Style(s): Italian Renaissance
National Register: 2003    Bldg # 03000187
Current Organ: none
 Also Known As:

The Texas Theatre was built by C.R. "Uncle Mack" McHenry in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, Texas. He partnered with Harold B. Robb, E.H. Rowley, W.G. Underwood and David Bernbaum, and hired W. Scott Dunne to design the theater. The theater opened on April 21, 1931, with a Barton organ which was the second largest in Dallas.

The Texas achieved fame in 1963, when Lee Harvey Oswald was apprehended in the theater after the assassination of President Kennedy. The theater was remodeled in 1965. In 1989, under the operation of United Artists Theatres, the theater was closed. The Texas Theatre Historical Society was formed and purchased the theater in 1990.

The theater received another facelift in 1991, when movie director Oliver Stone spent $10,000 on the exterior of the building for his film JFK. Unable to make the mortgage payments, the Historical Society was forced to close the theater in 1992. It was reopened in 1993 under the direction of Texas Rosewin-Midway Properties, showing second run films. The theater closed again in 1995 after a five-alarm fire destroyed the screen and burned a hole in the roof.

The Dallas City Council approved a $1.7 million loan to the Oak Cliff Foundation in 2000 for the purchase and renovation of the Texas Theatre into a live performance venue.

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September 2013 photos from the Adam Martin collection.

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2003 photos from the Adam Martin collection.

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1991 photos from the Kevin Dennis collection.

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